Feeding the World Through Responsible Aquaculture
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Individual Membership


Individual membership is geared toward small businesses, academics, researchers, writers and consumers. Individual membership is a statement about your commitment to sustainability, as GAA helps advance the development of environmental, social and economic responsibility in aquaculture worldwide.

Product Description

Demonstrate your commitment to responsible aquaculture — and your willingness to be among aquaculture’s thought leaders – by joining the dozens of companies, organizations and individuals on six continents that are GAA members. Environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture and a safe seafood supply require your support and cooperation, so practical solutions can be found to the challenges facing us all. Established in 1997, GAA acts as a voice for responsible aquaculture and prides itself on its ability to convene stakeholders across all segments of the aquaculture community to address these challenges, whether it’s initiating a dialogue at its annual GOAL conference, encouraging the exchange of science-based information in its bimonthly Global Aquaculture Advocate magazine or supporting Best Aquaculture Practices-certified facilities through media outreach and public relations.

Membership Benefits:

Networking: Connect with a large network of aquaculture professionals and thought leaders at GAA’s annual GOAL conference.

Exposure: Members get exposure on the GAA website, including links to your company’s website, and in the Advocate magazine.

Conference and advertising discounts: As a corporate member, you qualify for registration and sponsorship discounts for the GOAL conference and discounts of up to 30% on advertising in the Global Aquaculture Advocate magazine.

Stay in the know: GAA keeps you abreast of the responsible aquaculture movement through the bimonthly Advocate magazine, which is available in English and Spanish online, and GAA’s biweekly eUpdate newsletter.