Feeding the World Through Responsible Aquaculture
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Pillars of Sustainability

Best Aquaculture Practices is the world’s most comprehensive third-party aquaculture certification program, addressing all of the components necessary to conduct aquaculture operations in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Environmental Responsibility

Compliance with standards that address such issues as habitat conservation, water quality and effluents.

Social Responsibility

Adherence to local laws for worker safety, child labor and community rights.

Food Safety

Assurance that no banned antibiotics or other chemicals are used and that all approved chemical treatments are carried out in a responsible fashion.

Animal Health & Welfare

Best practices in animal husbandry, addressing such issues as disease control.


Supply chain traceability from the source to the marketplace is mandated by the BAP program.

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Retail, foodservice, institutional and wholesale buyers are always working to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. To succeed, many buyers now employ sustainable seafood-sourcing principles that require third-party certification of aquaculture facilities. The multi-dimensional Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program offers a complete “one-stop” third-party certification for buyers and suppliers.