Feeding the World Through Responsible Aquaculture
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Through innovation, the aquaculture industry can lessen its environmental impacts, increase its efficiency and fuel the journey toward greater sustainability. A panel of research scientists, impact investors and technology and production experts will gather for a moderated discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing a dynamic industry that now accounts for roughly half of global seafood production and which holds the key to future growth.

Session type: Panel
Time: Thursday, Sept. 22, 8:30 – 9:15 a.m.
Place: Grand Ballroom, 4th floor, White Swan Hotel

MikeVellingsMike Velings

Mike Velings is the co-founder and managing partner of Aqua-Spark, a Netherlands-based investment fund with a focus on sustainable aquaculture businesses. Velings has spent decades jumpstarting businesses, and at Aqua-Spark he invests in businesses that are both commercially successful and good for the planet, the population and the future.

Global Aquaculture Advocate interview with Mike Velings: http://advocate.gaalliance.org/aquaculture-exchange-mike-velings-aqua-spark/



GibranHuzaifahAmsiElFarizyGibran Huzaifah Amsi El Farizy

Gibran Huzaifah Amsi El Farizy is the founder of eFishery Pte. Ltd., in Indonesia. The company’s automatic fish feeder is an integrated solution for fish and shrimp farming that automatically senses when the animals are done feeding, reducing waste and saving money. Allowing operators to control their feeding performance remotely via smartphone or laptop, the technology is efficient, convenient and affordable.





TonyOstrowskiTony Ostrowski, Ph.D.

Tony Ostrowski, Ph.D., is chief scientific officer at Sino Agro Food, Inc., head of Research & Development and overseeing the SIAF Zhongshan MegaFarm Project in Guangdong province. The project is targeted to produce a minimum 100,000 metric tons of shrimp and fish by 2024, from the largest indoor RAS project in the world. Ostrowski was formally president & CEO of Oceanic Institute, Hawaii and director of the U.S. Marine Shrimp Farming Consortium. He also was general manager and CEO of the former Wanshida Ocean Bio-tech, Ltd. In Yangjiang, PRC.




MichaelTlustyDr. Michael Tlusty

Dr. Michael Tlusty is the director of ocean sustainability science at the New England Aquarium and the School for the Environment at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Tlusty’s research includes North American lobster shell disease and the integration of new technology in aquaculture production. A regular contributor to The Global Aquaculture Advocate, Tlusty is a member of the Global Aquaculture Alliance Standards Oversight Committee.

Global Aquaculture Advocate interview with Dr. Michael Tlusty: http://advocate.gaalliance.org/talking-innovation-in-the-cradle-of-aquaculture/



DawnPurchaseDawn Purchase

Dawn Purchase is the aquaculture program manager at the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) in the United Kingdom, where she develops and advocates the organization’s policy and position on aquaculture issues. She also advises the development of retailer procurement policies and assesses the sustainability of farmed seafood species and raises consumer awareness about sustainable seafood.

Global Aquaculture Advocate interview with Dawn Purchase: http://advocate.gaalliance.org/aquaculture-exchange-dawn-purchase-part-1/



JamesWrightJames Wright

James Wright is the editorial manager at the Global Aquaculture Alliance, overseeing the editorial coverage on the Global Aquaculture Advocate. He has been covering the seafood industry as a journalist since 1999, most recently at Diversified Communications, where he acted as senior editor of SeafoodSource.com, a daily seafood news website. Previously, he served as senior editor of SeaFood Business from 2011 to 2014 and assistant editor/associate editor of the monthly magazine from 2005 to 2011. His experience in seafood dates back to 1999, when he was assistant editor of the Gofish.com seafood news website through 2001.