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A toxic algae bloom in Chilean waters early this year hit the country’s farmed salmon industry hard, resulting in millions of salmon mortalities and a projected 20% to 25% drop in salmon production in 2016. Adolfo Alvial of the Chilean National Agency for Economic Development (CORFO) will provide the latest developments on the fallout from the algal bloom and what Chile is changing in light of the phenomenon, including the preliminary results of a case study that CORFO is working on in conjunction with GAA.

Session type: Presentation
Time: Thursday, Sept. 22, 10 – 10:15 a.m.
Place: Grand Ballroom, 4th floor, White Swan Hotel

AdolfoAlvialAdolfo Alvial

Adolfo Alvial is regional director of the Chilean National Agency for Economic Development (CORFO) and vice president of the Natural Resources Research Center (CIREN). He is the former director and co-owner of Adolfo Alvial Asesorias, a company providing assistance to the aquaculture sector, with emphasis in salmon farming. Previously, Alvial was president of INER Los Lagos, technical director of Marine Harvest Chile, director of the Technological Institute of Salmon (INTESAL), director of the aquaculture division of Fundación Chile, and secretary general and director of the Marine Science Department of the University Arturo Prat.