Feeding the World Through Responsible Aquaculture
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In 2012, the Global Aquaculture Alliance established the Global Aquaculture Innovation & Leadership Award to recognize those who are finding new solutions to the challenges faced by aquaculture as well as those who provide the leadership required to champion such developments in responsible aquaculture. The recipient of the award, who will be announced before GOAL 2016, will give a 15-minute presentation on his/her innovation after a brief ceremony in which he/she will be presented with a plaque and USD $1,000 cash prize by Global Aquaculture Alliance President George Chamberlain.

This year’s recipient Norway’s Quantidoc: http://advocate.gaalliance.org/high-density-shrimp-producer-wins-innovation-award/. Accepting the award and giving a presentation is University of Bergen Professor Karin Pittman.

Session type: Presentation
Time: Thursday, Sept. 22, 9:30 – 10 a.m.
Place: Grand Ballroom, 4th floor, White Swan Hotel

karenpittmanKarin Pittman

Karin Pittman is a professor of fish biology in the Fisheries Ecology and Aquaculture Research Group at Department of Biomedicine at the University of Bergen and a board member of Quantidoc AS, a fish health services provider based in Norway. A native of Canada, Pittman has more than 20 years of research experience in the industry and was awarded the inventor’s prize for this technology by Norway’s Hordaland County in 2013. Pittman is this year’s winner of GAA’s annual Global Aquaculture Innovation & Leadership Award. Read about Pittman’s use of stereology and Quantidoc’s mucosal mapping technology on the Global Aquaculture Advocate website by clicking here.