The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) team recently returned from a three-day trip to Honduras, where it met with Regal Springs Tilapia to trumpet the advantages of the BAP third-party certification program.

UnknownOrganized by Regal Springs, the trip kicked off with a visit to the company’s Aquafinca Saint Peter Fish hatchery in Aldea El Borboton, Honduras, on Aug. 17. The next day, the BAP team led a workshop on BAP certification at Regal Springs’ training facility in Yojoa Lake, Honduras.

The trip wrapped up on Aug. 19 with a visit to Regal Springs’ tilapia farms in El Cajon Reservoir and Lake Yojoa.

Unknown-1Representing BAP in Honduras was Marcos Moya, BAP facilities development manager. The Aquafinca and Aquafeed management teams also participated.

After the visit, Regal Springs confirmed its decision to pursue BAP certification for its hatchery, feed mill, farm and processing plant in Honduras.

Regal Springs is one of Latin America’s leading tilapia producers, raising the fish in floating nets in lakes in Honduras, Mexico and Indonesia. The company does not use any antibiotics, growth hormones or chemicals in its tilapia-farming operations.

The company’s corporate office is located in Miramar, Florida, USA.