As part of the inaugural “BAP Made In” campaign, Marcos Moya, facilities development manager of the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) division, visited Bogota, Colombia in early May, to meet with the Colombia Aquaculture Federation (FEDEACUA) and to hold a two-day workshop on the BAP third-party certification program.

2015-05-06 17.09.18Moya met with FEDEACUA to talk about the advantages of BAP certification, especially as it pertains to accessing the North American, European and Asian markets. He met with Sara Patricia Bonilla, FEDEACUA’s general manager, to discuss opportunities for collaboration and opportunities to promote Colombian tilapia and trout from BAP-certified facilities in international markets.

FEDEACUA’s support of the BAP program in Colombia was impressive, and BAP has proposed working closely with FEDEACUA to encourage and assist farmers in the process of applying for BAP certification, said Moya.

2015-05-06 08.45.30Laura Pasculli, agroindustry business director, and Jorge Mican, delegate of the agriculture minister, expressed their support for the BAP program as well as their intention to champion BAP certification for small- and medium-scale farmers in Colombia by the end of 2015.

Jairo Amezquita, aquaculture consultant of the Americas region for U.S. Soybean Export Council, was specially invited to affirm the organization’s support for the BAP program in Colombia.

Also in Bogota, Moya held a successful two-day workshop reviewing the BAP finfish and crustacean farms standards with more than 40 participants.

The BAP team has multiple stops on its “BAP Made In” campaign this year. Next up is Peru from May 27 to 28. Also on the list of stops are China, Indonesia and Turkey. The campaign’s aim is to unite farmers, processors and other stakeholders behind the concept of sustainable aquaculture and third-party certification, and to educate them on the latest BAP initiatives, including the new iBAP program.