Good Luck IOM Farm Group 2, under the guidance of National Fish & Seafood (NFS), has earned Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification. It’s the company’s second group of medium-scale farms to be certified or recertified as an IOM (integrated operating module) this year.

DSC00704Good Luck IOM Farm Group 2 consists of five shrimp farms in Thailand’s Trang region. Good Luck IOM Farm Group 1, consisting of six shrimp farms, attained BAP certification in January.

Pictured at right in Ken Corpron, BAP’s Asia-Pacific coordinator.

IOMs are a cost effective way for small- and medium-scale farmers to pursue BAP certification.

DSC00397Good Luck operates a processing plant in Mahachi, outside of Bangkok. The company works closely with small- and medium-scale farmers in Thailand’s Trang, Songkla, Krabi regions, providing them with the technical assistance they require to seek BAP certification.

Likewise, NFS and GAA’s BAP division have held numerous training seminars on responsible shrimp aquaculture with the regions’ farmers since October 2014, with the aim of boosting the amount of BAP two-star shrimp originating from Thailand.

Good Luck exports 8,500 metric tons of shrimp worth USD $45 million annually. The company provides a range of Pacific white shrimp products, including raw and cooked, peeled and deveined shrimp.