The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) market development team visited China’s Hainan province in early December to meet with the island’s BAP-certified tilapia processing and exporting groups. Hainan is a major tilapia-producing region, and most of its leading tilapia processing and exporting groups have attained BAP certification.

hainan-golden-spring-foods-2There are a total of 11 Hainan companies that are BAP certified, nine of which offer two-star tilapia, signifying that a company’s processing plant(s) and farm(s) are BAP certified. They are: Hainan Allied Pacific Biotech Co. Ltd., Hainan Brich Aquatic Co. Ltd., Hainan Eternal Spring Fisheries Co. Ltd., Hainan Gold Spring Foods Co. Ltd., Hainan Jiadexin Foodstuff Co. Ltd., Hainan Qinfu Foods, Hainan Siyuan Foods Co. Ltd., Hainan Sky-Blue Ocean Foods Co. Ltd., Hainan Xiangtai Fisheries Co. Ltd., Hainan Xintaisheng Industry Co. Ltd. and Tongwei Hainan Aquatic Products Co. Ltd.

Carson Roper, BAP’s international business development manager, and Jane Bi, BAP’s market development manager for Asia, met with the management, quality control teams and marketing and sales teams at six of the tilapia processing and exporting groups. They answered questions about the BAP certification program, solicited feedback and shared BAP’s vision for the sustainable growth and development of China’s tilapia industry.

tian-zhi-yu-aqua-tech-coIt was commonly acknowledged among the companies that the BAP standards act as a guide to improve production practices in the areas of environmental responsibility, social responsibility, food safety, animal health and welfare and traceability. BAP is also helpful in explaining their production practices to their export markets.

Roper and Bi also met with two leading hatchery companies—Hainan Tianzhiyu Aqua-Tech Co. Ltd. and Hainan Progift Aqua-Techo Co. Ltd.—introducing them to the new BAP hatchery and nursery standards for finfish, crustaceans and mollusks.

“The BAP market development team’s visit to Hainan was a success,” said Bi. “It provided us with the opportunity to hear clients’ feedback so we can maximize the opportunity to work with them. It also opened doors for us to share BAP’s plans to grow the program and deliver value as the world’s most accepted third-party aquaculture certification program. We are excited to be part of the industry’s journey to be more responsible and sustainable.”

Added Roper, “We are looking forward to returning to Hainan in April to continue our work with the tilapia sector to expand responsible practices and build additional capacity of multi-star BAP-certified product for growing overseas markets.”