The Best Aquaculture Practices Standards Oversight Committee has selected Brian Kingzett to chair the Mollusk Farm Technical Committee.

The Global Aquaculture Alliance’s BAP division announced in January that is searching for a candidate to head the technical committee, which is responsible for developing BAP standards for mollusk farming.

Kingzett is manager of the Deep Bay Field Station, a Vancouver Island University Centre for Shellfish Research facility, and a recognized expert in Canadian shellfish culture. His background combines business development with environmental assessment training in sound aquaculture practices.

Kingzett, an accredited BAP auditor, previously served as president of the British Columbia Shellfish Growers Association and was a board member of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance and the Canadian Aquaculture Sector Council in Ottawa.

In August 2013, the BAP mussel farm standards were completed, representing a key advancement for the BAP program, as the new standards will be used as a template for broader mollusk farm standards encompassing clams, oysters, scallops, abalone and other mollusk species. The completion of BAP mollusk farm standards will bring another raft of aquaculture producers within the scope of the BAP program.

The formation of technical committee is the first step in developing new BAP standards.